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A Passenger Cabin for Kamov Ka-26, DDR-SPY

Rear View of Ka-26 Pod Exterior

Looking aft into Ka-26 Pod
Pictures above show the Ka-26 passenger cabin, soon after it's arrival from Hungary.
A surplus rear fuselage detachable pod, built as a passenger cabin for use with a Kamov Ka-26 helicopter, was obtained from Hungary and was delivered to The Museum in February 2004. It was renovated and placed in the Display Hangar, where, in April 2006, it was painted in Interflug colours, to match DDR-SPY.

The Hungarian Air Force had up to 26 Ka-26 helicopters in service between 1969 and 1988. They were used, mainly, for training duties. One of these Air Force machines was later acquired by Hungarian Television and used, by them, in the 6-place cabin configuration. Many additional Ka-26 machines were used, in Hungary, in agricultural roles, including crop-spraying. 

The history of the Museum's pod is not clear but the livery and lettering, as received (below left), indicate that it was owned, in later years, by a firm of machinery repairers which served the agricultural and foodstuff industries, in Szekszárd, south of Budapest. The forward, cockpit, section of The Museum's Ka-26, DDR-SPY, is shown, below right, on display in the main hangar.
Ka-26 Passenger Cabin Ka-26, DM-SPY, Rear of Cockpit Section
Restored cabin, with 'Interflug' lettering, is displayed behind DDR-SPY
Displayed behind DDR-SPY is the Ka-26 passenger cabin, after restoration in matching Interflug colours.
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