Friends of The Helicopter Museum

Flying Visitors 2003 - 2017

Aérospatiale SA330E Puma HC2, XW220, c/n 1148, flying from RAF Benson, landed at The Museum at 14.00 on 26th October 2017 and departed 2 minutes later.
Agusta-Bell 206B-3 Jet Ranger 3, 2-OCST, c/n 8694, landed on the Museum helipad on Friday 13th October 2017, at around noon, and remained while the pilot had lunch and a chat in the Museum's cafe.
Photography by Steve Sullivan
Eurocopter EC135 T2+, G-GWAC, c/n 0746, the Great Western Air Ambulance, leaving The Museum helipad, in the afternoon of 21st September, to attend an incident in Weston-super-Mare. G-GWAC was based at the helipad throughout the day while the Great Western Air Ambulance Symposium was in progress at The Museum. It returned to its normal Filton base later that afternoon.
Robinson R44 Raven II, G-JWRN, c/n 13857, having flown from Elstree on 14th September 2017, made a short visit to the Museum before departing for Old Sarum.
Thanks to Steve Sullivan for his photoraph
Bell 206B JetRanger 3, G-BLGV, landing at The Museum on 9th August 2017. This helicopter was on hire from Heliflight (UK) Ltd, for Experience Flight duties, while Polo Aviation's JetRanger 2, G-BEWY, was undergoing long term maintenance.
Photograph by Steve Sullivan
Aérospatiale SA330E Puma HC2, ZJ956, c/n 1374, from RAF Benson, previously with the South African Air Force, made a brief visit to The Museum on 4th July 2017.
Thanks to Steve Sullivan for his photography
Boeing CH-47SD Chinook HC5, ZH897, landed briefly on the old airfield adjacent to The Museum on 29th June 2017.
Robinson R44 Raven II, G-HALS, c/n 11639, made a quick visit to The Museum on 28th June 2017 while conducting a NAVEX from Elstree.
Aerospatiale SA-330E Puma HC2, XW219, c/n 1144, made a short visit to The Museum after flying from RAF Benson on Friday 2nd June 2017.
Thanks to Steve Sullivan for his photograph.
AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin HM2, ZH826, from No.814 NAS Culdrose, performed a brief touchdown at The Museum on 12th May 2017.
Thanks to Steve Sullivan for this photograph
 Russian-registered Bell 407, RA-01930, (above left), while making a circumnavigation of the Earth with a joint Russian/ Polish crew, performed a 90 minute stopover at The Museum in the morning of Saturday 23rd April 2017. They shared the Museum helipad with a visiting Aerospatiale SA-341G Gazelle, N901B, c/n 1410, (above right).
Aerospatiale AS.350BA Squirrel HT2, ZJ254, from the School of Army Aviation at Middle Wallop, landed at The Museum around lunchtime for a short visit on 13th April 2017. It had previously visited on 17th March 2016.
Photograph by Steve Sullivan
Sud-Aviation SE3130 Alouette II, G-BVSD, c/n 1897, painted as Swiss Air Force V-54 and owned by Michael Cuttell, landed at The Helicopter Museum in the morning of Sunday 2nd April 2017. This Alouette first flew at Marignane in November 1963 and was delivered to the Swiss Air Force on 13th February 1964. After more than 30 years service it was sold to a UK buyer on 11th June 1994. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for this photograph.
AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat AH1, ZZ392, c/n 490, from Army Air Corps 652 Squadron, performed a rapid touch-and-go at The Museum, on 30th March 2017, before returning to base at Yeovilton.
Four Royal Navy Lynx HMA8, from 815 Naval Air Squadron, based at RNAS Yeovilton, flew low over The Museum while performing a flypast over southern England on 17th March 2017. The type was formally decommissioned on 23rd March 2017. Photographed by Steve Sullivan
AS350BA Squirrel HT2, ZJ250, c/n 3047, from The School of Army Aviation, 670 Squadron, Middle Wallop, hovered briefly above The Museum, in fading light, on 1st February 2017.
AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat AH1, ZZ408, c/n 478, from the Army Air Corps, landed at The Museum on 12th January 2017, having flown from Yeovilton in heavy rain. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for his photographs.
Robinson R44 Astro, G-PRET, serial 0381, visited The Museum early afternoon on 22nd December 2016. Built in 1997 it is now operated by Elstree Helicopters. Photographs by Steve Sullivan.
Royal Air Force Westland Aérospatiale Puma HC.2, XW235, c/n 1212, visited The Museum from RAF Benson in the morning of 9th November 2016. Photographed by Steve Sullivan
A Royal Netherlands Navy NH Industries NH.90-NFH, N-325, visited The Helicopter Museum on Friday 4th November 2016. It is one of three NH.90s which were on deployment to RNAS Culdrose for routine operational training.
Photograph by Steve Sullivan
Boeing Chinook HC4, ZH777, c/n M4453, No.28 Squadron, Benson, carrying the squadron's special centenary (1915-2015) colour scheme, visited The Helicopter Museum on Thursday morning 20th October 2016.
Photography by Steve Sullivan
Robinson R44 Clipper II, G-OESP, c/n 12729, having flown from Bodmin, in Cornwall, lifts off from the Museum helipad after a visit on Thursday 13th October 2016.
Photograph by Steve Sullivan.
AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat AH1, ZZ512, c/n 516, from 652 Squadron/ 1 Regiment, Army Air Corps based at Yeovilton, visited The Museum on 21st September 2016. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for the photograph.
AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat AH1, ZZ525, c/n 532, from the Army Air Corps, based at Yeovilton, hovered over The Museum's helipad for a while in the late afternoon of 7th September 2016.
Boeing Chinook HC4, ZH893, from RAF Odiham, made a short visit to The Museum in the morning of 10th August 2016. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for his photographs.
Army Air Corps Westland SA341 Gazelle AH1, XX405, c/n 1343, built in 1975, performed a rapid 'touch-and-go' at The Museum on 21st July 2016. The MoD has announced that new maintenance contracts will enable the Gazelle to remain in service until 2025. Photograph by Steve Sullivan.
Agusta A109E Power, G-EMHC, c/n 11721, departs The Helicopter Museum in the afternoon of 11th May 2016 following a short visit.
Guimbal Cabri G2, G-FPEH, c/n 1093, flying from its Elstree base, visited The Helicopter Museum on 5th May 2016. Photograph by Steve Sullivan.
Atlas Helicopters' Aerospatiale AS.355F1 Twin Squirrel, G-OALI, c/n 5115, previously ZJ635 and built in 1981, brought passengers to The Helicopter Museum on 30th April 2016.
Royal Navy AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat HMA2, ZZ380, c/n 499, visited The Museum on 20th April 2016. Photography by Steve Sullivan
AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat AH1, ZZ384, c/n 503, of the Army Air Corps, Yeovilton, hovered close to The Museum a few minutes before the farewell flypast of five Sea Kings from 848 Naval Air Squadron on 21st March 2016. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for his photograph.
Five iconic Junglie Sea Kings Mk4 of the Commando Helicopter Force, from 848 Naval Air Squadron, based at Yeovilton, flying over The Helicopter Museum on 21st March 2016 while performing a farewell fly-past around southern England.
AS350BA Squirrel HT2, ZJ254, from School of Army Aviation 670 Squadron, Middle Wallop, takes off from The Museum helipad on 17th March 2016 after a brief visit. Photography by Steve Sullivan
Agusta AW139, G-CILP, c/n 31590, chartered to Bristow Helicopters Ltd, flew from its base at St.Athan, in South Wales, to The Helicopter Museum helipad, on 30th January 2016, to provide winch training for local coastguard personnel.
Bristow Helicopters Ltd. operates Search and Rescue services for the UK on behalf of Her Majesty's Coastguard.
Royal Air Force Westland Aerospatiale SA330E Puma HC2, ZA935, c/n 1633, from RAF Benson, landed briefly at The Helicopter Museum on Wednesday 27th January 2016. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for his photographs.
AS350BB Squirrel HT1, ZJ276, flying from DHFS Shawbury, performed a 'touch-and-go' at The Museum on Thursday 7th January 2016. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for his photography.
Agusta A109A MkII, c/n 7308, Guernsey registered as 2-LIFT, touched down at The Helicopter Museum on Sunday 22nd November 2015. It had previously visited on 13th October 2014 while registered as N30MD.
Photograph by Steve Sullivan
Westland SA341 Gazelle AH.1, ZB691/S, c/n 2006, from 671 Squadron, Army Aviation Centre, Middle Wallop, performed a rapid touch-and-go at The
Museum on Thursday 12 November 2015. Photograph by Steve Sullivan.
Aerospatiale Puma HC.2, XW232, c/n 1199, touched down at The Museum on Friday 30th October 2015. Built by Westland as a Mk.1 in 1972, XW232 was the first RAF Puma to be converted, by Eurocopter, to Mk.2 specification. It returned to service in 2012. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for the photos.
AgustaWestland WS61 Sea King HC4, ZF117/X, c/n WA963, from 848 Squadron RNAS Yeovilton, visited The Helicopter Museum on Wednesday morning 14th October 2015.
On Thursday 8th October 2015 Airbus EC130T2, G-PERT, c/n 8098, visited the Museum Heliport having flown from Booker, en route to Chivenor. First registered in April 2015 it is powered by a single Turbomeca Arriel 2D. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for the photograph.
Army Air Corps AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat AH1, ZZ387, c/n506, from 652 Squadron, RNAS Yeovilton, landed briefly at The Museum on Wednesday 30th September 2015. Photograph by Steve Sullivan.
Aerospatiale SA342J Gazelle, YU-HPZ, c/n 1473, performed a "touch-and-go" at the Museum Helipad on 5th September 2015. Previously G-TOPZ, it was transferred to the Serbian register in 2006. Photograph by Steve Sullivan
AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin HC3, ZJ127/L, c/n 50149, climbs away after a brief touchdown at the Museum Helipad, in the early afternoon of Wednesday 12th August 2015.
Four AS350AB Squirrel HT2s, ZJ251, ZJ255, ZJ256 and ZJ257, from DHFS Shawbury, crewed by sixteen instructors, visited The Helicopter Museum at lunchtime on Thursday 30th July 2015.
Thanks to Steve Sullivan for his photos.
Westland Lynx HMA8SRU, ZD566, from 815 NAS Yeovilton, performed a brief touch-and-go at The Museum in the morning of 24th June 2015.
Photograph by Steve Sullivan
Royal Navy AW101 Merlin Mk3A, ZJ992, c/n 50106, from RNAS Yeovilton, performed a low level flypast over The Museum on Wednesday 20th May 2015. Formerly with the Royal Danish Air Force SAR, as M-503, it is one of six Merlins which were transferred from RAF Benson to Yeovilton in March 2015 for service with 846 NAS and eventual Yeovil upgrade to Mk4 specification.
Photography by Steve Sullivan
Four helicopters visited The Helicopter Museum on Friday 16th January 2015.
They were photographed by Steve Sullivan and are listed below.

Schweizer 269C, G-ZZDD, c/n 1294 from Gloucestershire (top left)
Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger2, G-PRFI, c/n 8556 from Swansea (top right)
Robinson R22 Beta, G-MDKK, c/n 1347 from Swansea (lower left)
Enstrom 480B, G-RRAK, c/n 5055 from Gloucestershire (lower right)

Late in the rather gloomy afternoon of 14th January 2015 an Army Air Corps AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat AH.1, ZZ383, from RNAS Yeovilton, landed briefly at The Museum helipad during a training flight.
Agusta A109A II, N30MD, operated by Castle Air of Liskeard, in Cornwall, visited the Museum Helipad, on Saturday 11th October 2014, to collect a museum visitor for a surprise birthday flight.
Six helicopters visited the Museum on 27th September 2014. They are listed below.

Robinson R44 II, G-DCSI, (Top row, left).
Robinson R44, G-CTFL, (Top row, right).
Robinson R22 Beta, G-JHEW, (Middle roe, left).
Bel 206B JetRanger III, G-TEGS, (Middle row, right).
Robinson R22 Beta, G-OCOV, (Bottom row, left).
Robinson R44 II, G-ORBK, (Bottom row, right).

Photography by John Phillips

AS350BB Squirrel HT1, ZJ273, (G-BXKP), (73) from the Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury, about to touch down at The Museum on 30th July 2014. The crew of four toured the exhibits, had some lunch and departed soon after 14.00.
The Helicopter Club of Great Britain (HCGB) arranged a 'Fly-In' to The Helicopter Museum which took place on Thursday 10th July 2014. An earlier event, planned for June, had to be cancelled following unfavourable weather forecasts.
The four helicopters, shown above, photographed by John Phillips on arrival on 10th July 2014, are listed below.
Westland Gazelle HT.2, G-CBGZ/ZB646, s/n 1915, built in1982 (Middle left)
Eurocopter EC120B, G-MODE, s/n1295, built in 2002 (Middle  right)
Westland Gazelle  HT.3, G-EZZL/XW862, s/n 1104, built in 1973 (Bottom left)
Enstrom 280C Shark, G-OTHE, s/n 1226, built in 1982 (Bottom right)
Robinson R22 Beta, G-BUBW, leaves the Museum Heliport   Robinson R44 Raven I, G-LHXL, at The Helicopter Museum
Robinson R22 Beta, G-DHGS, at The Helicopter Museum   Robinson R22 Beta, G-BROX, at The Helicopter Museum
On Saturday 12th April 2014 The Helicopter Museum welcomed four helicopters on a trip from Blackbushe Airport, near Camberley in Surrey, organised by the Phoenix Helicopter Academy.
The four helicopters, shown above, were:-
Robinson R22 Beta, G-BUBW, s/n 2048, built in 1992 (Top left)
Robinson R44 Raven I, G-LHXL, s/n 1702, built in 2008 (Top right)
Robinson R22 Beta, G-DHGS, s/n 2592, built in 1996 (Bottom left)
Robinson R22 Beta, G-BROX, s/n 1127, built in 1989 (Bottom right)
On 26th February 2014, Bell 412EP Griffin HT1, ZJ236, (G-BXBE) (X) 
from DHFS, Shawbury, with six civilian instructors, visited
The Helicopter Museum.
On 12th December 2013 two Westland/Aerospatiale SA330E Puma HC2s, ZJ957 and XW231, landed on The Museum helipad, having flown from RAF Benson in Oxfordshire. They departed 10 minutes later. These two Pumas were among the first HC1 models to be upgraded in 2012. All Puma HC2s are fitted with the more powerful Turbomeca Makila 1A1 engines and glass cockpit avionics.
Privately-owned Enstrom 480B, G-RRAK, c/n 5055, (left) from Gloucestershire and Heliaviation's Eurocopter AS350B-3 Ecureuil, G-OLFA, c/n 3108, (right) flying from Goodwood, visited the Museum on Thursday 10th October 2013.
Thanks to Martin Sirrett for these photos.
AS.350B-3 Ecureuil, G-GMCM, c/n 4576, built in 2008 and owned by T.H.Morris Ltd. of Liverpool, landed at the Museum Heliport at 14.30 on Saturday afternoon 14th September 2013.
Chinook HC4, ZA680
Boeing Chinook HC4, ZA680, from RAF Odiham, landed at The Museum early afternoon on Wednesday 19th June 2013 and departed a few minutes later.
Enstrom 480B, N480BB, c/n 5056, flew in to The Helicopter Museum, from Henstridge, on Saturday 25th May 2013.
Guimbal Cabri G2, G-CHAG, s/n 1035, visited The Museum on Sunday 5th May 2013, having flown from Leicester Airport where it is operated by Helicentre Aviation. Powered by a 150 hp Lycoming 0-360-J2A piston engine, it was designed by Bruno Guimbal, a former Eurocopter engineer.
Robinson R-44 Astro, G-CHAP, at The Museum on 4th May 2013, was a visitor to Weston-super-Mare's Helidays in 2004 and 2007.
Thanks to John Phillips for this photograph.
Bell 212HP AH!, ZJ969
Army Air Corps Bell 212HP AH.1, ZJ969, c/n 30548, from Middle Wallop, prepares to leave The Museum Helipad on 28 November 2012 after a short lunchtime visit.
Thanks to Martin Sirrett for this photograph.
Robinson R66, N4502G, c/n 0059, visited The Museum in the afternoon of Saturday 11th August 2012. The UK was thought to be home to the second largest R66 fleet in the world, all with FAA "N" registrations while EASA continued to delay R66 certification. This was finally achieved on 30th April 2015. Thanks to Martin Sirrett for the photograph.
Westland Apache AH.1, ZJ170, from the Army Air Corps at Middle Wallop, visited The Museum on 3rd August 2012. Photograph by Sharon Webber
The Helicopter Museum welcomed four helicopters from Leicester Airport on Friday 30th March 2012.
They were:-
Robinson R44 Raven II, G-CDXX, s/n 10624, built in 2005
Schweizer 269C-1, G-CGXJ, s/n 0260, built in 2006
Robinson R22 Beta, G-ISMO, s/n 0870, built in 1988
Robinson R22 Beta, G-BTHI, s/n 1732, built in 1991
Due to unexpected early morning fog and low cloud their trip did not run exactly as planned but the ten visiting pilots really enjoyed themselves and have described their day on Helicentre Aviation's website.
We look forward to seeing them at The Museum again soon.
Thanks to Rod Holloway for his photographs.
Eurocopter EC135P1, G-WPDB
Eurocopter EC-135P1, G-WPDB, c/n 0112, seen at The Museum's Heliport on 11th January 2012. Previously registered as D-HAIT and operated, in Germany, by ADAC Air Rescue, it was sold to South Western Helicopters (Western Power Distribution), in the UK, in November 2011 and is now based at Bristol International Airport.
MBB Bo.105DBS-4, G-CDBS   Robinson R44 II, G-ILET
During the weekend of 8th and 9th October 2011 MBB Bö.105DBS-4, G-CDBS (above left), an Air Ambulance from Bond Air Services at Gloucestershire Airport, was stationed at The Helicopter Museum's helipad to provide coverage for Weston-super-Mare's beach motorbike races. A week later, on 15th October 2011, Gloucestershire-based Robinson R44 Raven II, G-ILET (above right), built in 2005, brought visitors to The Museum. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for the G-CDBS photograph.
Westland Lynx AH7, XZ208 aproaches The Museum Helipad   Westland Lynx AH7, XZ208, lands at The Helicopter Museum
Westland WG-13 Lynx AH7, XZ208, visited The Helicopter Museum on Wednesday 28th September 2011.
Bell 206L-1 LongRanger, G-LIMO
Heliplayer Ltd's Bell 206L-1 LongRanger, G-LIMO, c/n 45476, flew in to The Museum from White Waltham, on Saturday 9th July 2011, for a short visit. Thanks to Mike Reading for his photograph
Flambards Limited Eurocopter EC155B1, M-HELI, registered in the Isle of Man, arrived from Bristol on 19th May 2011 and left for Blackbushe a short time later.
Thanks to Martin Sirrett for this photograph
On Sunday 15th May 2011, the second day of The Museum's Flight Simulator Show, Robinson R44 II, G-IGZZ, flew in from Gloucestershire Airport, in bright sunshine, for a visit. Later in the day the weather deteriorated, cloud moved in and departure was against a gloomy, grey, sky. Thanks to John Phillips for the G-IGZZ photographs.
Robinson R66, N66NN   Robinson R66, N66NN
On Sunday 8th May 2011 Heli Air Ltd brought their demonstration Robinson R66, N66NN, c/n 0016, to
The Helicopter Museum for a short visit. Launched in the UK in February 2011 the new, low-cost, 5-seat turbine helicopter has been purchased by Nick and Julia Hawes. N66NN was the first R66 to be delivered in Europe and remained on the FAA register pending European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification which was not achieved until 30th April 2015..
On 4th May 2011 this Bell 430, N5120, c/n 49095, flew in to The Museum Heliport, via Newport, South Wales, with three passengers from Wigan. After a short lunchtime break they returned north via Bangor.
Robinson R44 Raven I, N610MP
This photo by Alan Norris
 Agusta-Bell AB206B, F-GGAX    Robinson R44 Series I, F-GPSE    Robinson R44 Clipper II, OO-HEY
Robinson R44 Series I, OO-FLY Robinson R44 Raven I, OO-JJS Robinson R44 Raven I, OO-PMF
Six Robinson R44s and an Agusta-Bell AB206B Jet Ranger, from the Ch'ti Pals club for helicopter pilots based in Northern France and Belgium, visited The Helicopter Museum in the afternoon of Saturday 2nd April 2011 after a stop at Goodwood. The 'fly-in' was organised by J.C.Seynaeve who had flown his Robinson R44 Astro, OO-JSY, from Belgium, to visit The Museum on 22nd April 2006.
Westland SA341C Gazelle HT.2, G-SIVJ, visited The Museum in the morning of Saturday 25th September 2010. Built in 1984 it was operated by the Royal Navy's 705 Squadron at Culdrose as ZB649. It served as 'Admiral's Barge' at Yeovilton in the early 1990s before becoming part of the new DHFS training unit at Shawbury. 
It was transferred to the civil register in 2002 and is now based at Halfpenny Green, Staffordshire.
Chinook HC3R, ZH900   Royal Air Force AW101 Merlin
On Saturday 26th June 2010 five military helicopters landed on the Museum helipad and on the adjacent disused airfield. They were en route to Cardiff Bay for a flypast in connection with National Armed Forces Day and included a Royal Air Force WS Puma HC1, XW237, and a RAF Agusta Westland AW101 Merlin HC3 (above right), both from RAF Benson, a RAF Boeing Chinook HC3R, ZH900 (above left), from Odiham with a Royal Navy WS61 Sea King HC4, ZF118, and a Westland Lynx, both coming from RNAS Yeovilton. 
Following the good example set by ZR321 last September, the crew of Agusta A109E Power Elite ZR322 (G-CDVC), from the RAF's No.32 (The Royal) Squadron, based at Northolt, dropped in at The Helicopter Museum for an early lunch, on May 8th 2010, after setting down a passenger at Filton. In July 2009 ZR322 was on display for HeliDays on Beach Lawns, Weston-super-Mare. Photographs by Steve Sullivan.
Westland Sea King WS61 HAR3A, ZH544, from the RAF's 22 Squadron based at Chivenor, landed on The Museum's helipad on 21st November 2009 while on an exercise in heavy rain.
AS355F1 Ecureuil II, G-LNTY, departs The Museum Enstrom 280, G-PBYY,  visiting The Helicopter Museum
Aerospatiale AS355F1 Ecureil II,  G-LNTY, leaves The Helicopter Museum after the first of two visits on 26th September 2009. Built in 1983 and now based at Gloucestershire Airport, G-LNTY is owned by Sky Select Ltd, a subsidiary of Bristow Helicopter Group Ltd. Enstrom 280FX Shark, G-PBYY, Serial 2077, visited The Museum on 2nd October 2009. Built in 1993 it was imported to the UK in 1997. It is based at Gloucestershire Airport, attending Weston Helidays in July 2009 and visiting The Museum again on 17th January 2010.
Agusta A109E, ZR321, at The Helicopter Museum Agusta A109E, ZR321, leaves The Museum
After visiting Filton on 16th September 2009, Agusta A109E Power, ZR321 (ex G-CDVB), from the RAF's No.32 (The Royal) Squadron, based at Northolt, made the short trip to The Helicopter Museum for the pilot to have lunch before returning via Filton.
Eurocopter EC135T2+ , G-DORS
The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, Eurocopter EC135T2+, G-DORS, visited The Helicopter Museum on 16th and 17th May 2009, for the Flight Simulator Show. Thanks to Steve Sullivan for this photograph.
Bolkow 105DBS-4, G-NDAA, at The Helicopter Museum Great Western Air Ambulance, G-NDAA, at The Museum
Based at Filton, the Great Western Air Ambulance, a Bolkow Bo105DBS-4, G-NDAA, visited The Museum for the Flight Simulator Show, which was held on 16th and 17th May 2009.
Thanks for these photographs go to Martin Sirett (left) and John Phillips (right). 
Robinson R44, G-OMEL, Bell 206B, N784F and Bell 206B, G-XBOX Hughes 369S, G-HUES
Another busy day at The Museum on 9th April 2009, as Robinson R44, G-OMEL, Bell 206B JetRanger3, G-XBOX, and Bell 206B JetRanger, N784F, arrived together, having flown in from Kemble. Thanks to Mike Reading for this photograph. The weather had improved on 11th April when Tony Richardson, from Congleton, landed his Hughes 369HS, G-HUES, on the Museum's helipad in time for the crew to visit the display hangars and have lunch in the cafe, before returning.
Royal Marines Lynx AH7, XZ178, at The Helicopter Museum Puma HC1s, XW229 and XW237, leaving The Helicopter Museum
On 21st January 2009 one of a pair of Royal Marines Westland Lynx AH7, XZ178 (above left), from 847 Squadron, Yeovilton, performed a touch-and go at The Helicopter Museum. It was followed, a few minutes later, by two RAF No.33 Sqn. WS Pumas HC.1, XW229 and XW237, from Benson, which touched down, briefly, on the adjacent, disused, airfield (above right).
Sea King HC Mk4 Sea Kings HAS Mk6(CR) (left) and HC Mk4 (right)
Two unidentified Sea Kings, an HC Mk4 Commando and an HAS Mk6(CR) from 846 Naval Air Squadron at Yeovilton, performed a 'touch-and-go' at The Helicopter Museum on Wednesday 3rd December 2008. 
Schweizer 269C, G-FCBI
Schweizer 269C-1/300, G-FCBI, flew into the Museum Heliport from Bournemouth, in time for lunch on 12th November 2008. Built in 2007 it is owned by CSE Bournemouth Ltd.
SA.341 Gazelle AH1 of the Army Air Corps
Army Air Corps Ačrospatiale SA.341 Gazelle AH1, XZ303, from 6 Flt. Shawbury, arrived on 20th August 2008, in time for the crew to enjoy lunch in the café. 
SA365N-2 Dauphin, G-MLTY SA365N-2 Dauphin, G-MLTY
Aerospatiale 365N-2 Dauphin, G-MLTY, flew in to The Museum on 28th June 2008, after dropping off a band at the Glastonbury Festival. After a tour of the exhibits and a good lunch in the café for the pilot, G-MLTY left the helipad en route to Bristol Airport to collect passengers. Click either picture to enlarge.
Sikorsky S-76B, N399BH, at The Helicopter Museum
Sikorsky S-76B, N399BH, c/n 760311, flew over from Dublin to visit The Museum on 24th January 2008. Operated by Barrack Homes Ltd and built in 1985, the 6-seater helicopter left the Helipad three hours later and returned to Dublin via Cardiff Heliport. N399BH was previously registered as N89WC.
Merlin HC.3 AS350 Squirrel HT.1 Puma HC.1
A busy day at the Museum helipad on 10th October 2007 as three helicopters performed touches-and-gos within one hour. First came EH-101 Merlin HC.3, ZJ118 (above left) from 28 Squadron at RAF Benson, closely followed by AS350BB Squirrel HT.1, ZJ276 (above centre), from DHFS Shawbury. Minutes later it was the turn of an unidentified RAF WS Puma HC.1, (above right).
Lynx  XZ205
Royal Marines Westland Lynx AH.7, XZ205, from No. 847 Squadron at Yeovilton, performed a touch-and-
go at the Museum's helipad on 5th September 2007.
Sikorsky S-76C, G-XXEA, lands at The Helicopter Museum Sikorsky S-76C, G-XXEA, leaves The Helicopter Museum
On 20th July 2007, a day of heavy rainstorms and varying visibility, Sikorsky S-76C, G-XXEA, landed at The Museum (above left) to fly Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh back to London (above right). They had been visiting several places in North Somerset, including The Helicopter Museum itself where the Duke unveiled a plaque commemorating the opening of the new Engineering and Conservation Hangar. The Visit.
Bell 206B JetRanger III, G-BXKL at the Heliport Robinson R-22 Beta, G-OBIL, at The Helicopter Museum
The crew of Swattons Aviation Ltd Bell 206B JetRanger 3, G-BXKL, (above left), flew in from Thruxton, in bright Spring sunshine on 18th April 2007, to visit the Museum for a couple of hours. On 9th June 2007 Robinson R-22 Beta, G-OBIL, (above right), arrived from Peterborough and stayed overnight. The following morning it left for Old Sarum, in Wiltshire.
MD Helicopters MD-500N, G-NEEN
On 15th April 2007, just as mist and cloud began to roll in from the sea, MD-500N, G-NEEN (G-NOTR until 2005), visited The Helicopter Museum, having flown from Shoreham, in Sussex.
Enstrom 480, G-OZAR, lands at The Helicopter Museum Enstrom 480, G-OZAR, parked at The Helicopter Museum
Enstrom 480, G-OZAR, from Gloucestershire Airport, visited The Helicopter Museum on 10th March 2007, so that the crew could view the exhibits and take tea in the restaurant.
Agusta A109A MkII, G-USTH
Cheqair's Agusta A109A MkII, G-USTH, landing at The Helicopter Museum, into a strong wind, on 2nd December 2006, for a short visit.
Westland Lynx AH.7, XZ193 Westland Lynx AH.7, XZ641
Two Westland Lynx AH.7s visited The Museum on 27th September 2006. Army Air Corps XZ193 (left), arriving at 1145, performed a 'touch and go'. Royal Marines XZ641 (right), from No.847 Squadron, Yeovilton, arriving one hour later, stayed for nearly 90 minutes while the crew toured the exhibits and had lunch in the Museum restaurant.
SE 3130 Alouette 2 (V-54), G-BVSD SE 3130 Alouette 2 (V-54), G-BVSD
Michael Cuttell's Sud SE 3130 Alouette 2, G-BVSD, still flying in its previous Swiss Air Force livery with serial V-54, visited The Museum on Saturday 12th August 2006, for the crew to see the displays and to have lunch. The helicopter is based in Ullenwood, south of Gloucestershire airport.
Westland Lynx AH.7, XZ182
Royal Marines Westland Lynx AH.7, XZ182, from No. 847 Squadron, Yeovilton, flew into The Museum on 10th May 2006, for a short visit.
Robinson R.44 Astro, OO-JSY
On 22nd April 2006 R.44 Astro, OO-JSY, flew in from Belgium having refuelled at Calais and Lydd. The crew looked around The Museum for two hours before departing for Lydd and return to Belgium, by the same route.
MD520N, G-SMAC, lands at The Museum
McDonnell Douglas MD520N, G-SMAC, approaches the Museum pad on 25th March 2006, having flown in from White Waltham, in Berkshire. The MD520N  uses a NOTAR (No Tail Rotor) system where air is driven into the tail boom, exiting through fixed slots to produce the "Coanda" effect. Photo © Geoff Russell
Lomas Helicopters AS.350B Ecureuil, G-OGOA, based near Bideford in North Devon, visited The Helicopter Museum on 11th March 2006. Photo © Geoff Russell 
More Ecureuil pictures
Robinson R22 Beta, G-BYZP Robinson R44 Raven II, G-GRWW
Two Robinsons visited The Museum on 2nd March 2006, R22 Beta, G-BYZP (above left) flew in from Swansea and R44 Raven II, G-GRWW, above (above right) from Eastleigh in Hampshire.
WAH-64 Apache AH1, ZJ204, lands. WAH-64 Apache, ZJ204, leaves.
WAH-64 Apache AH1, ZJ204, belonging to 656 Squadron/9 Regiment of the British Army Air  Corps, flew in from Dishforth, N.Yorkshire, on 8th February 2006, after re-fuelling at Lyneham. It left one hour later, heading for Wattisham via Middle Wallop and the London 'Heli lanes'. More Pictures.
MD-500C (Hughes 369HS), N2742Y  at THM
Visiting the Museum on 28th January 2006, was Shaun Griffin's MD-500D (Hughes 369HS), N2742Y, which had flown from Launceston, in Cornwall, with one stop to refuel en route.
Sikorsky S-76B, N89WC  -  click to enlarge
Sikorsky S-76B, N89WC, c/n 760311, owned by Shannon Helicopters Inc., visited The Museum on Sunday 8th January 2006, having flown from Dublin in poor weather conditions. It left two hours later and remained at Cardiff Rhoose over night, before returning to Dublin. Photo © Rod Holloway. enlarge.
Agusta A.109E, G-SCOI Robinson R.44, G-CBOT
Having made a return visit to The Museum, Agusta A.109E, G-SCOI (above left), from Chorley, takes off as rain threatens on 26th October 2005. A few weeks earlier, on 24th September, Robinson R.44 Raven, G-CBOT (above right), visited from Bournemouth-Hurn.
Click either picture to enlarge. Robinson photo © Chris Donald.
Robinson R.44 Raven II, G-STUY
Robinson R.44 Raven II, G-STUY, s/n 10508, visited the Museum, from Redhill, on 1st October 2005, stayed overnight and returned to Redhill the next day. Photograph © Geoff Russell. enlarge
Bell 206B JetRanger, G-TGRZ  -  click to enlarge
Bell 206B JetRanger 3, G-TGRZ, flew from Shobdon to The Museum on 6th August 2005. It is one of ten helicopters operated by Tiger Helicopters Ltd and is based at Shobdon, Herefordshire. click to enlarge
Westland Lynx 3S, XZ232
Royal Navy Westland Lynx HAS3S, XZ232, from No.815 Sqn, HQ Flight, Yeovilton, flew in for a short visit on 13th July 2005. enlarge
WS Gazelle, XZ337
Army Air Corps WS Gazelle AH.1, XZ337, leaves the Museum pad after a short visit by the crew on 29th June 2005. They flew in from Wattisham and returned via Middle Wallop. Photo © Chris Donald. Click to enlarge.
Robinson R-22 Beta, G-CBXN  --  Click to enlarge
Robinson R-22B, G-CBXN, s/n 3385, flew in to the Museum, from Bristol airport, on Saturday 2nd April 2005, returning later that afternoon. Privately owned, it was built in 2002. enlarge
Scout XV137 / G-CRUM  --  Click to enlarge
Westland Scout AH.1, XV137 / G-CRUM, visited the Museum on Friday 18th March 2005, having flown from Draycott Farm. Built for the Army Air Corps in 1967, it is now owned by David Sears. Thanks to John Phillips for the photograph. Click to enlarge
Agusta A109E Power, G-SCOI  -  Click to enlarge
Trustair's Agusta A109E Power, G-SCOI, c/n 11051, having flown from Exeter, visited The Museum on 9th February, before continuing to Blackpool. click to enlarge   More A109E Pictures
Chinook in Sunshine - Click to enlarge   Chinook ZA720 - Click to enlarge
On 26th January 2005 a Boeing Chinook HC2, flying from RAF Odiham, touched down at The Museum's pad and took off again seconds later (above left). The weather was sunny with a light wind, contrasting with a gloomy Thursday of the previous week when Chinook HC2, ZA720/BR, from 27 Squadron, had to land on the adjacent airfield (above right) because of strong winds.
Click either Chinook to enlarge. Click for more pictures of ZA720
Robinson R-22 Beta, G-OASH
On 15th September 2004 Robinson R-22B,    G-OASH flew from Gloucestershire, in bright sunshine, for it's crew to visit The Helicopter Museum for the first time. Click to enlarge.
CH-53G  84+36  --  Click to enlarge
German Army Air Corps Sikorsky CH-53G, 84+36, touched down at The Museum early on 13th July 2004, to allow the crew to tour the exhibits and have coffee. The heavy transport helicopter, assigned to MTHR-25 at Laupheim, flew in from nearby Yeovilton. It was heading for RAF Leuchars, with a re-fuelling stop at Shawbury, to take part in exercises in Scotland. Click to enlarge.

Click for a few more CH-53G pictures

Bell 47G-5,  G-SOLH  --  Click to enlarge
Visiting The Museum on 4th July 2004 was Bell 47G-5, G-SOLH, which had flown from Elstree, with a refuelling stop at Compton Abbas. Click to enlarge. Also from Elstree were three more helicopters, one R-44, G-CHUM with two R-22B-2s, G-LIDS and G-RSVP. Photo © Chris Donald
WAH-64 Apache AH-1, ZJ211
Westland WAS-64 Apache AH-1, ZJ211, from  the Army Air Corps No.673 Squadron at Middle Wallop, visited The Museum in the afternoon of 11th June 2004. Click to enlarge. Thanks to Fred Tooke for the photograph.
Gazelle XZ314 - Click to enlarge
Westland Gazelle AH.1, XZ314, from Army Air Corps No.8 Flight, Credenhill, arrived at The Museum early on 30th May 2004, for a short visit. XZ314 served with No.656 Squadron, in the Falklands campaign, in 1982. Click to enlarge.  Photo © Chris Donald. 
Robinson R44, G-RFUN  --  Click to enlarge
Robinson R44 Raven, G-RFUN, with c/n 1239, brought four visitors from Bristol Airport to The Museum on 24th April 2004, flying via Burnham-on-Sea.
G-RFUN was built in 2002 and is owned by Clifton Helicopter Hire, of Bristol.
Click to enlarge.
Princess Anne and G-OLCP  -  Click to enlarge
Charterstyle's Twin Squirrel AS355N, G-OLCP, c/n 5580, brought the Princess Royal, Princess Anne, from Gatcombe Park to The Museum Heliport in Weston-super-Mare on 20th February 2004, to fulfil a commitment in the town. Click to enlarge.
Before leaving The Museum the princess delighted visitors and staff by asking to see two former Royal Flight helicopters in which she had flown in past years. The Museum collection includes the 1964 Whirlwind HCC Mk.12, XR486, and the 1969 Wessex HCC Mk.4, XV733, which served the Queen's Flight until 1998.
AS355F-1, ZJ139  --  Click to enlarge
Using the Museum helipad in the morning of 11th February 2004 was Twin Squirrel HCC1, AS355F-1, ZJ139, on VIP ferrying duty from the RAF's No.32 (The Royal) Squadron, based at Northolt. Click to enlarge
Robinson R-44 G-CRIB -- Click to enlarge
Robinson R-44 Raven, G-CRIB, c/n 0980, operated by Cribarth Helicopters, visited the Museum for 90 minutes, early on Saturday afternoon 6th December 2003, before returning to Shobdon. Click to enlarge.
First Puma HC1 - Click to enlarge Second Puma HC1 - Click to enlage
Two Aérospatiale/Westland SA330E Puma HC1 tactical support helicopters from 33 Squadron, RAF Benson, preparing to "touch and go" at The Museum in the grey afternoon of 19th November 2003. Click either picture to enlarge.
Robinson R-22Bs  G-DERB (leading) & G-BRWD - Click to enlarge Robinson R-22B  G-BRWD  --  Click to enlarge
R-22B, G-FLYH, departs  --  Click to enlarge R-22B, G-DERB, departs  --  Click to enlarge
On 30th August 2003 three Robinson R-22Bs arrived (top left), in formation, for their crews to have lunch in the café and visit The Museum. They were G-DERB, s/n 1005 (bottom right),   G-BRWD, s/n 1231 (top right) and G-FLYH, s/n 1932 (flying, bottom left). They had flown, together, from Manston, in Kent, via Gloucestershire for re-fuelling and, after departure (bottom left and right) from The Museum, planned to return to Manston by heading south to the English Channel and then east along the English south coast. Click any picture to enlarge.
Enstrom F-28F  --  Click to enlarge
Visiting The Museum at lunchtime on 20th August 2003 was an Enstrom F-28F, G-BYKF, s/n 725, from Popham, in Hampshire, piloted by Ian Casselden. Powered by a single Lycoming 225hp, HIO-360-F1AD engine the helicopter is owned by Battle Helicopters Ltd. Click to enlarge .


MD600  N600RN  -  Click to enlarge
McDonnell Douglas MD600N, N600RN, c/n RN-015, takes off after a two hour visit to The Museum on Saturday 2nd August 2003. It has 7/8 seats in three rows, with NOTAR and is powered by one 808shp Allison 250-C47M turboshaft driving a six-blade main rotor.
click to enlarge
Bell 206B  G-UEST  --  Click to Enlarge
Bell 206B Jet Ranger 2, G-UEST, c/n 1484, used by local independent radio station Fox FM for traffic reports in the Oxfordshire area, visited The Museum on 23rd July 2003. It is powered by a single Allison 250-C20 and was built in 1974. click picture to enlarge
Gazelle ZA776  -  Click to Enlarge Twin Squirrel G-OTSP -- Click to enlarge
Westland Gazelle AH.1, ZA776, from 'A' Flight of 847 Royal Naval Air Squadron, based at RNAS Yeovilton, landed at The Museum pad (above left) in the cloudy afternoon of 18th June 2003, for a short visit.  The Squadron's Gazelles, now overseen by Joint Helicopter Command, provide reconnaissance and artillery control support for the Royal Marines of 3 Commando Brigade. ZA776 served in the Falklands campaign in 1982.
On 28th June 2003 AS355F-1, Twin Squirrel, G-OTSP (above right), belonging to Aeromega and operated by British Transport Police and Network Rail from Cardiff Heliport, landed at The Museum for its crew of three to have a meal break in the cafeteria and a walk round the displayed aircraft.

Click either picture to enlarge.


B0.105DB-4, G-BTKL  -  Click to enlarge
Veritair's MBB Bö105DB-4, G-BTKL, leased to Railtrack/Network Rail, visited The Museum on Saturday 7th December 2002 and again on 15th February 2003. Based at Cardiff Tremorfa Heliport, G-BKTL was being used to operate anti-trespass and anti-vandalism patrols of railway lines in the South Wales & South-West of England areas. The helicopter was equipped with powerful searchlight and surveillance equipment. Click to enlarge.

Click for more Flying Visitors in 2002